The official student-run publications society at Lahore University of Management Sciences, Publications at LUMS encourages aspiring writers to write and showcase their talent through providing them highly esteemed platforms. PLUMS values originality, creativity, the grit and humility to learn and provides freedom to the writers to contribute uniquely. We at PLUMS believe that when we will have enough pursuits of our own, we will not need to be “anti” or “pro” anyone else’s pursuits!

PLUMS is the only introvert friendly and diversity friendly society at LUMS. Over the last decade, PLUMS maintained an equal opportunity for male and female leaders in the executive councils and editorial board positions on merit.

Our writers have also written for national publications. Students who worked with PLUMS have gone on to join the Tribune, The News, Dawn and the likes. The society produces manifold genres of publications and invites students, faculty business people and many other stakeholders for written contributions.

Besides publications, we offer our members plenty of other learning opportunities. Besides improvement in media writing skills, each of our members gets to learn marketing, designing, editing, negotiation and diplomacy, website management and CSS coding, general management and administration. The software skill-set of this society is MS Publisher or Pages for Macbook and Adobe (In-design, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premium Pro) or Sony Vegas Pro. However, knowledge of these software is not a pre-requisite for membership, for we believe that it is not just how much you have already learnt that makes you eligible, but how quickly you can learn new things.

Our renowned publications include:

The Luminaire
The LUMS Chronicle
The Box Move
The O-Week Times
The Unofficial Guide to LUMS

The society is open to all LUMS students for membership and is accessible for all kinds of sponsors.

Contact us at plums@lums.edu.pk


All content produced by PLUMS, on its publications and this website is written and edited by the members of the PLUMS society and they are solely responsible for its editorial policy and content.

The views and opinions expressed in all PLUMS publications are purely those of the authors. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of LUMS.