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CodinGuru 2018
Post-Event Report prepared by:

• Sayed Tauqeer
• Aafaq Sabir
• Taimoor Ali
• Aiman Khizar
• Azan Bin Zahid

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the World’s largest organization for the advancement of technology. Over 125 years old; it boasts a huge collection of resources on engineering and educational services for its members. The IEEE LUMS Student Chapter is one of the thousand branches of IEEE around the world and regularly arranges technology talks,workshops and student competitions.

CodinGuru 2018:
CodinGuru is a coding competition that was arranged by IEEE LUMS. The main objective was to promote coding and computer science in local community and goal was to conduct a state of the art coding competition at LUMS (by collaboration of CS Department, LUMS), that will serve as a healthy co-curricular activity.

Event Description:
The IEEE LUMS Computer Society organized CodinGuru on December 01, 2018 in Information Systems and Technology (IST) Labs at the Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore. In this competition 52 teams from different universities, mainly LUMS, FAST, PUCIT, BNU, COMSATS and FCCU took part. There were total five interesting problems to solve i.e. Food distribution, Dam Water Storage, Introvert Computer Scientist, Chess King and Colored Balls Sequence. Teams were allowed to use any of the three languages namely C++, Java and Python.
Automated checking was used with PC square. The event started at 11:00 am and concluded at6:00 pm.

Special Guests:
• Dr. Arif Zaman
Arif Zaman, Ph.D., is a Pakistani mathematician, an academic scientist and a professor of Statistics and Mathematics at LUMS. Before joining this university in 1994, he also served Statistics Department at Purdue University and Florida State University. His publications have been in various journals including: The Annals of Probability, Mathematics of Computation, Journal of Applied Probability, and Journal of Statistical Computation. In his student years at Stanford, he was also rumored to be one of the two people involved in creating one of the first rabbit
worms that replicated themselves over the local network.
• Dr. Muhammad Hamad Alizai
Dr. Alizai is the assistant professor of Computer Science at LUMS. He has over 10 years of experience in Germany and Pakistan as a researcher, software engineer, and technical lead both in industrial and academic settings. His research interest is in Systems and Networks. He was Awarded DAAD grant to “Greenify Older Buildings in Emerging Countries (2019-21) “.

The judges of the competition were Computer Science Juniors at LUMS.
• Aafaq Sabir
• Taimoor Ali
• Saad Khan
• Soban Ali
• Naima Samreen
• Azan Bin Zahid

Event Proceedings:
A total of 52 teams arrived at the registration desk. They were registered and settled by 11:00 am. At 11:00 am, the competition rules were explained to the teams.The judges introduced themselves and the testing software (PC^2) to the teams. Moreover, the marking scheme was also shared with the participants. To give the teams a how know of the testing environment, a test run was conducted. in which they submitted a pseudo problem provided to them. This process lasted for an hour.Teams were then sent to Pepsi Dining Center (PDC) at 12:00 pm where they had
lunch and rested for about an hour.

By the time, the teams arrived after lunch, their secret accounts had been set up into PC^2 and the platform was all setup for them to start coding. The coding started at a high note and there was a strong competition between the team “Nemesis” and “Hackermen” from the start. The hustle was increased with the ticking of a live scoreboard. In the last hour, the eyes were all set on the scoreboard and positions were changing with the difference of seconds. Eventually, after a very strong competition, “Nemesis” made it to the top of the scoreboard. After the exhausting session of coding, we arranged refreshments for the teams
until the results came out. The result was compiled while the participants were having tea and were announced
by Dr. Arif Zaman in the closing ceremony right after the refreshment break. The results were as follows:

Winner: Nemesis – Waqar Ahmad, Muhammad Hasan (PUCIT).
1st Runner Up: Hackermen – Ammar Tahir, Abdul Mannan (LUMS).
2nd Runner Up: StrawHats – Usama Ikram, Junaid Haris (PUCIT).

After announcements of the winner and runner ups, the distribution ceremony was held at 5:15 pm in which certificates were given to the participants by the judges. The honorable guests Dr. Arif Zaman and Dr. Muhammad Hamad Alizai were specially invited to distribute prizes to the winners and IEEE team members.The event was greatly successful in achieving its main objective i.e. to promote coding and to motivate the programmers. This event helps us to understand that what is the potential and skill in this nation, which is great, but there is still need for such big events to be organized in other parts of our country, so that more youngsters can come out and take part in such kind of events, as they are the next generation programmers for the most emerging fields in the world.


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